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Przemysław Krawczyk

Przemysław Krawczyk

the owner

Lotharek is a family company with entirely Polish capital which has been in business for 20 years. My name is Przemysław Krawczyk and I am its founder.

I owe everything I do professionally to the passion that was born in me when I was 15 years old and I swapped my first Atari 65XE computer for a Unipolbrit 2086. I still remember that feeling of excitement, the emerging passion and the realization that I already knew what I wanted to do in my life. From that moment on, looking for new technical solutions, expanding devices and implementing new electronic projects has been a challenge to which I have devoted my life completely. By making more attempts and assembling everything by hand, I slowly learned to improve the devices I liked.

I have worked with many excellent designers and electronics engineers. What came out of their hands was a blueprint, a prototype. My job was to turn the design into a product: designing the board, taking care of ergonomics, miniaturization, finding suppliers, ordering and supervising production and sales. Today I am proud of my devices such as: Ultimate, DivIDE, SIDE3, Rapidus, Hydra, etc.

I consider it my great success that the Boeing Company uses my floppy disk station emulators in its flight simulators, and the US Federal Aviation Administration has equipped more than 300 civilian airports with my equipment.

Every failure, every found mistake, taught me patience, but also allowed me to develop furthermore. An independent production line, which I launched in September 2021, is the result of that journey. Since then, I have been an independent producer: from the idea to the finished solution. And I still love what I do.

Apart from electronics, judo is my second passion. It is on the tatami where many ideas or solutions to technical problems are born. Effort, a fresh perspective, consistency and decisive action also come in handy in the professional life. Knowing that you never know everything, taking a step back, looking at things from a distance in order to win in the end, these are principles I have learned in training. I know how important it is to be trusted by the customer. I try not to let them down at every stage of our cooperation.

I also do charity work. I financially support retro events (Lost Party, Wapniak, Last Party), I help children from the Special Needs School in Piekary Śląskie, I help to promote a healthy lifestyle and my passion for judo. I believe that life has given me so much that I should share. Thank you for visiting my page and I invite you to cooperate with me!

Maciej Morawiec

Maciej Morawiec

Born in 1999, electronics enthusiast. In our company, he is in charge of priming the production line, fulfilling the BOM, pre-programming the PnP machine.

He is a very calm, quiet and balanced man. He operates the soldering iron as if he was born with it. He loves drag soldering, comedy and cold beer. He has been with the company since 2020.

In case of installation problems, he will be the one to call you :-)

Ewa Matyjaszek

Ewa Matyjaszek

After her sporting career ended, Eve decided to build the business with us.

She handles invoicing, customs clearance, shipments. She is the first line of contact with the customer. Her great competence, knowledge and personal charm make talking to Ewa a pleasure, even if the topic is difficult.

She has been with the company since 2017.

Przemysław Matyjaszek

Przemysław Matyjaszek

After his competitive sport career ended, Przemek (privately Ewa's brother, friend and coach of the company's owner) took up promoting judo among children and young people. He is a long-term coach of GKS Czarni Bytom sports club.

In our company, he assists with customer relations, testing and installation of equipment. He is a focal point of calm, has a big heart and is the bonding element of our team.

His erudition and savvy will certainly appeal to you.

Our features


We have been in the electronics business for 20 years, so you can simply trust us. We know what we are doing

Clear rules

and transparency of communication - we do not "count pins" and SMD pads - you pay for the quantity of SMD components

Not a corporation

We are not a corporation, but a family business with entirely Polish capital

Stencil and software included in the price

You will not pay for solder paste stencils. Nor will you pay to set up production.

We love what we do

We are a group of devoted people with a positive attitude towards electronics and judo, who believe that the most important thing, both at work and on the tatami, is to keep improving.


We are not afraid of new challenges! We will overcome everything that is unknown and difficult with diligence and perseverance.

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